Episode 12.

Birth to Bicycling with Postpartum Doula,           Amanda Wanner

November 14, 2019


Meet Amanda

My experiences have naturally transitioned me to Postpartum work. Bringing support to families of all walks of life (and very importantly, to me, women who have walked a path similar to mine). My biggest strength in life is building community and strong relationships, I find myself really getting to know my clients as friends, and continue to be apart of their lives even after my work is done.

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Meeting Amanda Wanner of Cygnet Postpartum Doula last Spring at the Peninsula Birth and Baby Expo was such a treat.  Through my interactions with her as one of the expo coordinators, her kindness, patience and ability to connect on a meaningful and real level were all things that drew me to want to know her more.  Outside fo that role, she is also a Postpartum Doula and Infant Care Specialist.  

She joined me behind the mic recently to share her own experience in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  When she arrived on her magnificent bicycle, with homemade Kombucha in tow, I lit up from the inside out.  This is the longest podcast I've recorded to date, but in this time, we discuss the varying roles in Postpartum Care and how incredibly valuable it is, attachment and communication in parenting, and also the experience she's had with family bicycling.  So much greatness here.  Thank you Amanda, for the support you provide to families and for your efforts to promote wellness in so many ways!

Amanda can be found on Facebook, followed on Instagram and contacted HERE on her website.  

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