Episode 15.

Welcome to Season 2 of

The Chosen Nest Podcast! 

March 5, 2020


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Welcome Back! 

I am over the moon to say that The Chosen Nest ONLINE Childbirth Education Offering is LIVE and thriving.  This is such a beautiful  course and I believe in the ways it can impact communities and births near and far.  Payment plans are in place if needed and also a scholarship fund has been started to offset costs for families who are less able to access childbirth education or postpartum support due to income. Pop by the website next week to see what it's all out in the FREE mini course that rolls out on Monday too! And browse in person collaborative options there too.  Details on both of these are below in the show notes. 

Interested in receiving updates via email?  Opt in here to be included in our newsletter that will begin rolling out next week!  Also, as mentioned, you can join the private Facebook Community here too.  See you on the inside! 

Show notes can be found at thechosennest.com/episode15 and as always, I can be reached by [email protected]

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Episode Details

ONLINE Childbirth Education, now available!

Click below to try out the FREE mini course, which allows you an inside glance at the convenient online learning platform, while also taking in helpful information for pregnancy, birth, interventions, variations, postpartum, newborn care and breastfeeding basics!  

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Enroll in the FREE mini course here!
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Join the Birth and Family Support Community Group!

Click below to join the PRIVATE Facebook Community Group to foster community and find balance in all things pregnancy birth, postpartum and beyond.  

Join the Community Group here!

Spinning Babies with Mothership!

Click below to inquire about the collaboration with Angie Hotz, of Mothership for a 3 hour in person Spinning Babies Workshop for hands on learning!   Angie is a Doula, Placenta Encapsulator and all around awesome human being.  And Spinning Babies is so beneficial for optimizing fetal positioning and reducing many interventions!

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Book with Angie and take $25 off my comprehensive ONLINE course!
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Labor Skills Workshop with Chrysalis Physical Therapy

Click below to book this awesome 2 hour labor skills workshop with Pelvic Health Physical Therapist and Doula, Megan Kranenberg!  She covers laboring positions, hands-on partner support, pain coping strategies, breathing and pushing, injury prevention and postpartum health.  Held every third Monday from 5:30-7:30pm at Blossom Baby in Silverdale!

Book with Megan and take $25 off of my comprehensive ONLINE course!

Join me at the

Peninsula Birth and Baby Expo!

On March 21st from 10am-4pm, we will be at the Peninsula Birth and Baby Expo, along with many others.  Thrilled to be a SILVER Sponsor this year, and so looking forward to community and connection at this great event.  The giveaway is AMAZING and if you see me in person, I have a special offer just for you! 

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Learn more about this event here!
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Take this FREE Class!

Beyond Birth:

Preparing for the 4th Trimester

At the Peninsula Birth and baby Expo on March 21st, I will be presenting a class about preparing for your fourth trimester. We plan in many ways for labor and birth. How do we plan or prepare for what follows, beyond the birthing day? Share energy and space with Janelle Marion, Registered Nurse, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Specialist to create a customized Beyond Birth Plan. Discover ways to identify your needs BEFORE they are immediate or emergent, and strategize solutions for common postpartum and baby feeding challenges. Leave with information involving support, nutrition, products and resources to facilitate physical and emotional healing, and honor your transition into parenthood. Special guest, Tony Marion with a partners perspective on ways to identify needs and implement support. This chapter isn’t always easy. Together, we can create space for ease within it. 

learn about ALL expo classes here!
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