Episode 18.

Exploring Home Birth with Midwife Ashley Jones of Fly True Midwifery


March 26, 2020

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As COVID-19 circles around many communities, bringing social distancing and many mandatory shelter in place orders with it, it seems as though families are exploring their birth location and provider options now more than ever before. In our local community, Midwife Ashley has personally seen a spike in new patients, some even transferring to her from OB care, for an option in home birth. Enjoy this time we spend together, as she shares points of safety and answers the many questions I have gotten as families prepare for birth, including cost, insurance coverage, prenatal appointments and postpartum care. 

"My philosophy on birth is simple. Birth is a natural, normal event that typically needs little intervention when the birthing person is low risk. Where I focus is on the birthing person's and their support system's experience. By providing comprehensive, personalized prenatal care, my clients learn about me as I learn about them. Through this common learning, trust is established. I focus on empowering my clients to make the necessary decisions throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. With the combination of trust and empowerment, my clients are able to form their own story, as I look after the safety of all."


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Ashley Jones

Fly True Midwifery 

Ashley Jones LM, CPM is a military wife (now retired) and mother to four. She began her work in birth in 2011, following her second hospital birth. Initially, Ashley entered birth work as a doula, but quickly realized her goal was to become a midwife. Ashley began birth assisting in 2012, where she attended her first out of hospital births. In August 2014, Ashley was accepted to the bachelor's program with Midwives College of Utah. Ashley graduated with honors in November 2017, and began her master program in January 2018. Ashley graduated with honors, receiving her Masters of Science in Midwifery in August 2019. Her thesis, original research on her self developed holistic protocol for Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, is in the process of being published. She speaks 1-2 times per year at various midwifery conferences on the topic. In addition, Ashley is Adjunct Faculty with Midwives College of Utah, teaching Principles of Evidence-Informed Practices.

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