Episode 6.

Supporting Health & Wellness with Sylling's Elderberry  

September 19, 2019


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Meet Team Sylling

Hello! We are Nate, Lindsey, Nolan & Ryan. TEAM SYLLING!

(pronounced sill-ing for those wondering) 

What brought us here? We heard about elderberry syrup in the midst of flu season a few years ago and decided to try and make it ourselves. We were just as skeptical of the "natural" home remedies but were desperate for an alternative to the over-the-counter meds that just didn't seem to make a dent. In turn, we found a solution! 

In the early fall of 2018, we knew we needed to get our annual elderberry syrup brewing before the cold & flu season hit us. While offering it to our friends and family, the lightbulb came on... "Our community needs to know about this stuff!" So here we are, brewing elderberry syrup and sharing our passion for alternative solutions to keeping our family healthy and whole. 

What is important to us? We are simple, we like organic and we want fresh. So when creating Sylling's Elderberry Syrup we use simple ingredients (ones you can ACTUALLY pronounce), everything is organic and it's fresh (no artificial preservatives)! A high-quality product at an affordable price. 

Buy your Sylling's Elderberry Syrup Here
Contact Nate and Lindsey Sylling Here

School is back in session! Cold and flu season is hovering closely as the season changes and Fall is nearly in full swing too!  Have you explored natural ways to support your health and wellness ?  Have you heard of the amazing powers of Elderberry?  Whether you answer yes or no to either or both, this episode brings a power punch of information to your ears!

The Sylling's are a caring and compassionate family in Kitsap County who began making elderberry syrup in their home to support their own health and wellness.  When they began sharing it with friends, it was suggested that they sell it within the community.  It took off from there and now they are a fully operational business: Sylling's Elderberry!

Here are a few helpful links to some of the topics we covered in our time together:

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