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Online Course

Craving convenience?  Looking to save time and money?  This ONLINE offering is where it's at! 

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In Person Workshops

Craving connection? Merge convenience of online learning with in person meet ups!

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Childbirth Education

When it comes to childbirth, knowing your options and having time to explore them is so very important. Finding education and guidance for this major life event can leave you feeling confident as your delivery day approaches.  While the instinct to nest typically sets in at the end of pregnancy, preparation in various ways can be beneficial at any point throughout.  

It is never too early to elevate your knowledge and empower yourself.  

Childbirth Education is a true-to-life way to obtain a deeper understanding of pregnancy, labor and birth, comfort measures, interventions and variations, and what commonly happens following delivery. It also gives you tools to best support those progressions, and more each other through them. Newborn care and breastfeeding basics are also explored. Identifying your goals for childbirth and beyond, facilitating them to be met and feel supported in doing so?  

That's where it's at.  

As a Registered Nurse, I have attended hundreds of births and cared for many, many mamas and families in the immediate postpartum period before they journey home.  What an honor this has been, truly. More times than I can count though, I've had parents cry out to me, wishing they'd done more to prepare for what they had just experienced.  I've witnessed them struggling to process their birth because they had no idea leading up to it, the twists and turns that birthing a baby can take.  This motivated me, time and time again, to become a Childbirth Educator.  Moving beyond the bedside gives me the opportunity to dive deep with each expecting parent, allowing their questions to lead the way and their fears to be validated and eased.  Having this time to process options and make decisions that are informed is so valuable...and so important. 

Let's learn together.

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Online Offerings

Take a childbirth class online?  But WHY?

Life, and its many schedules, can be unpredictable at times.  Long shifts or varying days at work, military service, childcare for siblings, transportation time and costs.  WHOA. Perhaps you or your partner (or maybe even both!) are introverts and group meetups just aren't your thing. There's a lot to consider for many families.  I've been told all of this and more by those reaching out to me with Childbirth Education needs and goals. 

I created this online learning experience for this very reason, providing information to view and work through at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, the other side of the world (hello deployed military service members, I see you!) name it. 

Crawl into bed and pull up a laptop. Snuggle in on the couch and cast to your tv. Listen from your phone while on a walk.  This option has convenience written all over it.

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Group Offerings

returning soon!

Small group sessions are a wonderful way to walk in this journey, alongside others who are also expecting, learning, and growing. Not to mention, you're experiencing this major life moment with others who are too. That's huge! Bonds and friendships formed through a judgement-free and supportive learning environment happen in nearly every class. And it's a beautiful thing.

Understanding that the scheduling needs of each family varies greatly, I designed my teachings to accommodate yours. Learn at your own pace online, and then meet in person for an invaluable and interactive group session!

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Private Offerings

Not everyone is up for a group setting.  And that is okay!

If one-on-one instruction is what you are seeking, let's create an individualized approach.  After you have completed the online learning experience, I travel to you, and in the comfort of your own home we dial in the details, at your pace.  While all aspects of my course will be offered, we create space here for adjustments based on your specific needs and goals.

Ready to work together?  So am I! Contact me, and we can set up your initial, complimentary phone consultation.


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"Already, the hospital pre-planning and packing, medical preferences, preparations for home birth, labor practice and pain management prep have dynamically changed us for the better. You've completely satisfied our needs and expectations. Beyond that, you are a part of us in this now and we hope to share more with you! 

-Nelson Family

Your birthing day awaits

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