Want to experience & document your pregnancy journey 

in a unique and meaningful way?

Then check out this beautiful journal!

Designed with your pregnancy experience in mind, this is more than a bound stack of blank pages or place to put those beautiful bump photos.  Pregnant and present is a week-by week guided journal and memory book to create space for navigating pregnancy with intention and connection.  Join me below and let's take a look at a few of the inside details!


I'm Janelle Marion.

As a Registered Nurse, I have attended hundreds of births and cared for many, many mamas and families in the immediate postpartum period before they journey home.  What an honor this has been, truly. More times than I can count though, I've had parents cry out to me, wishing they'd done more to prepare for what they had just experienced.  I've witnessed them struggling to process their birth because they had no idea leading up to it, the twists and turns that birthing a baby can take.  This motivated me, time and time again, to become a Childbirth Educator.  Moving beyond the bedside as a Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Specialist gives me the opportunity to dive deep with each expecting parent. Their questions lead the way and their fears are validated and eased.  Having this time to process options and make decisions that are informed is so valuable...and so important. 

Let's learn together.