The transition into parenthood isn't always easy, but together, we can create space for ease within it.
-Janelle Marion
The Chosen Nest, Owner

How you helped The Chosen Nest become a reality

Before I created The Chosen Nest, I was experiencing my own set of unique challenges. I exhaustedly navigated my way through motherhood, all while returning to the workforce as Registered Nurse and being a military spouse to my brilliant Army Aviator husband. Life was beautiful but I often felt overwhelmed by all I wanted to accomplish, and mostly by the lack of resources and support that fit the unpredictable schedules that both of our career paths presented us with as working parents. We had an address that changed every 2-3 years, thanks to Uncle Sam…and I had hospital bedside nursing shifts that left me away from my very young children far longer than my mama heart could handle some days.

Then one day, it happened. A divine download. Boom. I wasn’t the only mother out there struggling to find and maintain balance between work life and home life. I wasn’t the only mother out there attempting to rediscover who I was and claim my identity in this new chapter of life. I wasn’t the only mother out there who's partner left for days, weeks or months at a time while growing and building a family. I most certainly wasn’t the only mother out there who had suffered through emotional and turbulent postpartum events while putting on a brave face and repeating that I was “okay” when asked. I didn’t have time to not be.

I was concerned that I was missing out on the one precious childhood my littles were given, even on the days I was right there with them. Was there a way I could better utilize the hours given each day and be more present with my children while also working? Could I find a better way to juggle my career and caring for my family?

And so...

I decided I set out to create the most nourishing, empowering and supportive offerings and services for the most sacred times of transition in life, both in my own and for others.

It turns out...

the journey had its challenges.  That little voice of self doubt creeped in at times.

I worried there may not be a place for me as a nurse outside of a hospital or clinic setting. Or that the market was already saturated with bright and blooming birth workers. How could I stand out? What could I offer that others didn’t already?

But then it hit me.

My experience working as a nurse both in the NICU and in a birth center gave me an intense amount of knowledge and training for providing excellent care to families. My experience as a mother of two exceptional human beings helped me realize just how precious this time is and how fleeting the moments can truly be. My experience as a military spouse gave me an insiders perspective on how challenging it can feel to find resources and support, when the contents of your life are boxed up and shipped off every few years, and how crucial that support was when you are miles away from family during such an intense and important life chapter. I wanted birth and all things surrounding it to be filled with courage and connection instead of fear and feelings of constant failure. These thoughts echoed in my mind when I thought beyond pregnancy and birth and how the journey of motherhood progresses. 

My fears were quickly dispelled when I reminded myself of this.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. That’s the amazing thing about the birthing work field and those who serve in it, be it with an organization or privately. There is enough to go around for everyone if we are open to receiving and giving support equally. And you won't ever see me trying to stand out against the others.  It feels pretty darn good to instead, stand with them and be part of a collaboration of professionals who each have something special to offer. 

Through it all, I took the chance and decided to launch this sacred space in the birthing community. A place where pregnancy is celebrated, knowledge is balanced, birth is empowering, transition is supported, feelings are embraced and families are lifted up. The response has been pure love from all I have had the honor to share this with.


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