Pregnant and Present

Navigate your pregnancy with intention and connection by documenting it in this weekly guided journal and memory book!  



Nesting: Online Childbirth Class

Instant, lifetime access to a comprehensive and evidence based learning experience for an uninterrupted life schedule, at your individual pace.  Designed with every birth in mind and delivered by a Registered Nurse, Nesting leaves you feeling confident, empowered and prepared for your best birthing day.

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Gift Childbirth Education

Are you looking to give a gift that prepares and informs expecting parents?  You're in the right place!  The Nesting Online Childbirth Education Class allows parents to learn when and where it's most convenient for them.  It not only prepares them for their birth, but also for how to care for and feed their new baby, while caring for each other during their transition into parenthood.  

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